Fresh Start

My team and I have had some big plans in the works for awhile and can finally share some exciting news! First of all -- thank you for shopping with us! And following us! And staying on this journey with us! We started out about three years ago as Vivie’s, selling lingerie and pinup clothing. As much as we loved the styles, Fargo was not the market for the venture and so we reinvented to Jessie Blue selling women's fashion. AND, yet again -- we are evolving to something bigger and better.

Let me first explain that we have been doing A LOT of research with our client base and learning what our guests want from their shopping experiences. The number one feedback detail we’ve received is that location and available parking are at the top of women’s lists when it comes to choosing shopping destinations. Right now, we are located in the heart of downtown – and while it’s fun and unique – we understand the challenge in parking and actually getting here when you live on the other end of town (which is where most of Fargo residential is). SO, we are listening. And, in March/April of 2019, we are moving to South Fargo! We aren’t going to reveal the location just yet – but know it’s going to be good and we are excited about where we have landed.

Other feedback included having more hours/days to shop and bringing in more home/gift items. Again – that is the plan. We will be extending hours to 7PM once we move AND will be open Sundays. Additionally, we are going to be bringing in more of the giftware and home items you love, in particular partnering with local artisans as much as we are able. 

Now, with that exciting news revealed – we aren’t done yet! When I started Jessie Blue, it was shortly after my Grandma Jessie had passed away. And I wanted to bring a part of her into my next adventure. My grandma was an eclectic style icon – she loved a variety of style genres (kind of like me) – and she was also an entrepreneur (like me). She inspired much of the details of the shop. But -- I also have been greatly inspired by other women in my life. I have learned strength and perseverance from my mother. I’ve learned how to enjoy laughter and generosity from my sister. The meaning of camaraderie and the importance of being yourself from my best friend. The value of dedication to the plan and loyalty from my store manager. And, how to love unconditionally from my daughter. So many women – so many influences.  So, with a fresh move – we are beginning with a fresh name. Welcome to Willow District. With this change, we will also see greater opportunity to expand brick & mortar and online offerings.

We want you to know that nothing in our character has changed. You will still get the great, personal customer service you’ve come to expect. The same great style, price points and unique shopping environment. We just want to take it to the next level. Jessie will still be a part of our store and we will be working her in to special projects as we go. Please watch for name changes on our social media, slowly as we work though the coming months.

Now, with all of this comes a HUGE transition period and some hard work to create other shopping opportunities online. We are still trying to figure that online thing out! In the next two months, we have a lot of work to do. We will be having a few large sales in store and then limiting our hours downtown while we work on the website and online sales as well as getting ready for the big move and going to markets. My head is rolling from the work ahead!

So, after today, we will only be open downtown on Thursday / Friday / Saturday. If that doesn't work for you -- please call to set up an appointment for personal shopping on a day/time that does work. We are more than happy to accommodate.

With buyers markets to accommodate, online to ready for, store displays to create for the new location and LOTS of new marketing materials surrounding our new brand -- there is only a short time to get ready for the move. We will also be open for special events every other Sunday where we will coordinate workshops or bring in special speakers or event coordinators. You will get shopping discounts for attending, help with personal styling and will leave home with either a special project you created and/or inspiration from one our of our event coordinators. Check out our event page on Facebook to learn more.  

With that – thank you again to everyone who has been along on this ride. I am personally excited about the changes and can’t wait to see our loyal customers – and some new ones too in South Fargo. Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the progress. 

Happy New Year & Best Wishes!

Yvonne Denault



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