Our Story


Willow District is homegrown out of Fargo, North Dakota. We believe fashion and home styling is something that should be expressive of your individual personality. Willow District offers a cozy and earthy blend of women's apparel. We boast stylish and transitional options for date night, home lounging, travel excursions or work wear.

From the moment you step in our store, you will experience an open environment and a store layout that allows you to move around with ease and experience our curated collection with open clothing racks and coordinated styles on display. 

Our retail therapists are unmatched. We respect your space, time and need to hear honest feedback when selecting options. We are not just about making a sale, and sincerely want you to leave with a purchase that makes you feel confident. And we love getting to know our customers personally -- don't be surprised if we know you by name the next time you walk in the door! Our goal is to give you the best experience in curating your own closet! 


Our Story

Willow District has been an amazing journey. Owned and curated by Yvonne Denault, we started out as Vivie's Boutique in Moorhead, Minnesota. And our focus was selling women's lingerie and pinup vintage style dresses and accessories.


We moved across the river to Fargo after one year to a beautiful spacious and unique downtown location. As business picked up, we started hearing from our customers that they wanted MORE every day wear. They LOVED the styles we were selecting and the accessories...but wanted more options for clothing they could wear to work or for leisure. We then changed the name of our store to Jessie Blue and completely changed the scope of what we carried.

Today -- we are excited to be located in South Fargo as Willow District. We have a more focused approach to curating our clothing styles ensuring that pieces become more like a staple in your closet and less of a one-time-wear purchase. We look forward to serving you and continuing this journey with our loyal customers!

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